What Is The Technology That Is Used By Colgate visible White o2 To Whiten Your Teeth?

what is the technology that is used by colgate visible white o2 to whiten your teeth?

Presenting a disordered additional Oral Beauty necessary – Colgate Visible White O2. It uses patented Active Oxygen based technology to whiten your teeth in 3 days. As you brush, it gives off a warming sensation inside your mouth & releases a gentle permit of ultra-earsplitting whitening foam  Millions of Active oxygen bubbles make a lead of absorbed gently into your enamel to whiten them from within.

Active Oxygen Technology

In our daily lives, we are exposed to many toxins that are hard for the human body to crack the length of. These toxins can operate the form of chemicals, pollutants or bacteria. One habit to surgically remove them is by using activated oxygen (O3). O3 is a intensely on the go and natural habit to avowal detoxify our bodies. It works to eliminate stuffy metals, harmful microbes and toxic substances such as chlorine. It along with helps to eliminate earsplitting odors and bacteria from our homes.

O3 is a powerful disinfectant that can be used to disinfect water, food and surfaces. It is an organic collective consisting of three oxygen atoms. It has a high germicidal gift, surpassing that of chlorine. It can kill viruses, fungus and moulds. It with eliminates harmful bacteria that cause infection and sickness. It with works to remove odours and helps to avow openness of foods. It can be found in many products such as hairstyling appliances, disinfectant sprays and even in some toothpaste. what is the technology that is used by colgate visible white o2 to whiten your teeth?

This objector technology from Bosch uses ozone to tidy the inside of your washing machine. The ozone is generated through a process called ozonation. The sprightly oxygen molecules penetrate into your clothes and irritate the dirt in excuse to a molecular level. This process is much more environmentally comprehensible than conventional hot water washing and chemical detergents. During the ozonation process, the ozone reacts when the dirt particles in your laundry to create a complex that is safe to use and that will depart your clothes feeling tidy and smelling open. Unlike chlorine, this merged does not depart any residues or toxic by-products taking into consideration.

It can even be used to wash clothes that craving abstemious cleaning and no-one else or are made from delicate fabrics. It uses colder water temperatures and does not broken the fabric fibres. This makes it ideal for aeration and sanitising clothing that would on the other hand compulsion to be washed by hand. The best portion very approximately this technology is that it does not require any connection chemicals or bleach to be used. It can be used in front your regular washing powder and will save your clothes looking loud for longer.

Whitening Accelerators

The professional accelerator sentient is a fasten and well-ventilated method to whiten teeth. The well-ventilated enhances the whitening gels completion to crack the length of surface stains and speeds going on the whitening process. This product is intended to be used in conjunction considering Supersmile whitening toothpaste to put taking place to afterward visibly whiter teeth. This whitening system is forgive of silica, parabens, sulfates, known allergens, animal by-products and BPA. It furthermore contains carboxamide peroxide to raise and quicken the whitening process. The Gemini LED teeth whitening system is an at-residence whitening utter for warm, pretty and healthy smiles. The gentle 6% hydrogen peroxide formula provides secure and vivacious whitening in the comfort of house. The kit includes whitening gel for five 20-minute sessions, the Gemini whitening accelerator fresh unit, a set of trays and rechargeable lithium battery, war cord and bleaching shade moreover.

Get visible whiter results in as tiny as three days behind this chaotic whitening system. Patented Active Oxygen based technology gives a unique warming sensation inside your mouth and releases a answer of ultra-pleasing whitening foam thats packed taking into account millions of alert oxygen bubbles. These bubbles penetrate deep into the enamel to whiten the teeth from the inside out. The result is a whiter, more colorful smile in just 3 days! The Beyond Polus whitening accelerator roomy features a multifunctional design that offers far afield away along undertaking and durability. It has compound whitening settings, a convenient digital display and let breathe purifier accomplish-court combat that actively reduces odors for a more enjoyable treatment experience. Its as well as lightweight for easy portability and features a high-intensity LED fresh output that provides faster whitening. This whitening accelerator can after that be used for teeth bonding, crowns and veneers.

Strong Teeth

Your smile is a powerful matter. It can create you giggle, fill you gone joy and melt your heart. It can even inspire resemblance in people coarsely you. However, if your teeth arent as hermetic as they should be, you may not be showing off the most confident version of your smile.


Tooth enamel is 96 percent mineral, making it one of the hardest substances in your body. It furthermore has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material, for that marginal note it can withstand a lot of force. Its so durable, in hope of fact, that it can be used to construct stronger pacemakers for people subsequently heart conditions or facilitate on strengthen crumbling bone for those furthermore rasping osteoporosis. Colgate Visible White O2 uses a disordered technology to begin whitening your teeth in just 3 days (taking into account used as directed). Its patented Active Oxygen technology provides a warming sensation even if millions of whitening oxygen bubbles attain absorbed into your tooth enamel. This enables your teeth to begin magnification from inside out and helps maintenance them healthy & mighty, for an each and each and every one one-vis–vis brighter & stronger grin.

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