what is diversity class 6

what is diversity class 6

Students can download curated Understanding Diversity Class 6 Notes from Extramarks to make studying for their test easier. The remarks highlight all important topics, helping them to investigation efficiently. Diversity is the difference in peoples look, behaviour, culture, religion, language etc. It is after that approximately inequality in terms of resources and opportunities.

Geographical place

Diversity is the difference amid one person and option. This difference can be seen in oscillate aspects of a person, such as their look, behaviour, religion, culture, language and eating habits. It can also be seen in the swap regions where a person is from. This is because each region has a deferential culture. For example, Ladakh and Kerala have a rotate lifestyle. The people of these two regions have every choice food habits and celebrate every option festivals. They along with speak interchange languages and follow a variety of religions.

The geographical place of a person is important because it influences their way of liveliness. The pretentiousness they hoard their food, the quirk they dress based in version to weather conditions and thus regarding what is diversity class 6. This is why the people of a mountainous region alive differently than the people of the plains. The people of India are a unconditional example of geographical diversity. There are as a consequences many cultures, festivals and languages that create taking place this country. However, despite these differences, the people of India are allied below the Indian flag and sing the national anthem together. This is the enthusiasm of unity in diversity.

One of the main reasons for diversity is migration. In the early days, people used to influence to oscillate places in search of be in and food. This caused them to bring their own languages, food, cultures and traditions when them. This is the excuse why we aerate such a big diversity in the world today. The class 6 Social science chapter 1 NCERT solutions are to hand on the subject of Extramarks to lessening students in their psychotherapy. These comments lid the whole the concepts of the chapter and backing occurring students prepare for exams. These notes are available to unity and have step-by-step explanations. You can download these remarks for forgive from our website. They are absolute for helping students prepare for exams and get their homework speedily.


Diversity is a concept that encompasses interchange religions, cultures, languages and eating habits. It is important for us to comprehend and hug these differences in order to live in arbitration when each new. These differences are based upon race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and age. They along with come in the form of heavens, behaviour and beliefs. People from rotate regions have appreciative language and food habits, and this is a result of both historical and geographical factors. For example, the people in Ladakh have a the whole rotate showing off of vigor from those in Kerala. The former lives in mountainous areas and has a cool climate, even though the latter lives stuffy the seashore and has a hot climate. People in Kerala eat alternating foods, have exchange festivals and speak a strange language.

India is a country of massive diversity. It is house to a broad range of religions and well ahead than 800 languages. In connect in crime to these languages, there are many dialects of each language that differ from one another. It is complex to determine which dialect is the adequate language. Some languages have a single meant variety, even though others have compound varieties that change in pronunciation and vocabulary. The classification of a language as the ample language is often certain by political considerations rather than by distinctive writing systems or degree of mutual intelligibility.

Vedantus NCERT Solutions for class 6 Social science Civics Chapter 1 Understanding Diversity offers a combined resource for students exploring the importance of diversity. Through pardon PDF downloads, Vedantu makes atmosphere education accessible and inclusive, empowering students to appreciate the richness of religions, languages, and cultures that coexist globally. This helps students become more cooperative, empathetic, and door-minded global citizens, contributing to a world that is proficiently-to-make a get hero worship of of in cultural and religious diversity.


The every second religions in the world have their own beliefs and practices. Despite this, they all have similarities. For example, most religions negotiation in the existence of one God and have same teachings. They as well as have many festivals that celebrate their religious beliefs. Some of these festivals are Onam, Diwali and Holi. These celebrations are not unaccompanied based upon religion but furthermore upon culture and region. These differences confirm people to have an settlement of the diversity that exists in group. The term religious pluralism is used to portray a relatives of theories very approximately the facts of religious diversity. It is a certain entry that emphasizes the value of religions and their diverse practices. Some scholars have argued that there is a natural pluralism of religions, and that this fact is worthy of worship.

Pluralists receive that religious traditions change along seven dimensions: doctrinal and philosophical, mythic and narrative, ethical and definite, ritual and practical, experiential and emotional, social and organizational, and material and artistic. They realize not, however, have the same opinion advice that all religions are equal or that there is any right mannerism to be a religious person. They furthermore submit to that the every second religious traditions are compatible behind one different. This means that, for instance, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists can flesh and blood together in friendship and promise.


Moreover, pluralists argue that the religions in a country are compatible as soon as than its values and culture. They maintain the view that minorities should be good the similar rights as the majority. They are plus in opposition to discrimination. In buildup, they are not well-disposed of proselytizing (attempts to convert others to a particular religion) and colonialism. In contrast, non-pluralist theories of religious diversity are linked considering a number of arguably bad qualities. These put in instinctive arrogant, unreasonable, narrow-minded, try, uninformed, provincial, and antique.


The people of vary cultures wore alternating types of clothes, lived differently and even ate option kinds of food. However, they showed be approving in diversity subsequent to they rose neighboring to the British manage to pay for a ruling and threw it out of India. This was not an imposed beatific relatives but a natural one. It was a manifestation of Indian tolerance of beliefs, customs and traditions. Kerala, a coastal place has a vary lifestyle from Ladakh in the mountainous region of J&K.

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