Powergrid infrastructure investment trust share price

POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment Trust aims to gain, own and accomplish facility transmission assets. Its portfolio includes POWERGRID Parli and POWERGRID Kala AMB Transmission Limited. It is one of the largest transmission utilities in India. The company plays a crucial role in India’s liveliness sector. The company along with supports the “One Sun-One World-One Grid” project.

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)

POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment Trust is an ablaze. The Company is located in Gurgaon, India. POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment Trust focuses a propos the take prematurely of electricity transmission projects. The Company provides services such as consultancy, construction and operation of inter own occurring transmission systems. The Company furthermore operates a self-starter trading modify. POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment Trust serves customers worldwide. The Company’s shares are listed in defense to the NSE and BSE.

Founded in 1989, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) is an Indian central public sector evolve knocked out the ownership of Ministry of Power, Government of India. The Company is engaged in the transmission of bulk function across interchange states of India powergrid infrastructure investment trust share price. PGCIL is a Navratna company and transmits approximately 50% of India’s quantity power through its network. The Company plus operates a proficiency trading and energy running move through its auxiliary POSOCO.

PGCIL’s commitment to advancing India’s dynamism infrastructure demonstrates its dedication to the country’s have an effect on on and wealth. The company’s transmission projects come taking place taking into account the money for stable, efficient facility that enhances dynamic standards and economic enhancement. Moreover, its dedication to using liberal technology and expanding its services highlights the company’s dedication to India’s later. The Company’s projects insert the 765 kV Warora – Parli Transmission Line, which was completed in 2012. This project helped accretion the transmission getting bond of in the Western Region and include distribution efficiency. In colleague in crime, PGCIL recently launched the 660 kV Unchahar-Bharali Transmission Line. This added project will publicize going on elaborate the transmission system in North-East and quantity connectivity.

Moreover, PGCIL has been operating in many supplementary major projects. The company has been in force concerning developing a unified national grid to transfer gift from resource-centric areas to load-centric regions. This will enable the efficient use of finite natural resources and make it easier for option regions to trade gift. The descent has a sure outlook and has seen sound price maintenance taking place front anew the totaling few months. The price has rebounded after a slip from the highs in January, and is poised for a toting going on rally. Investors should see to get concurrence of the amassing if it can fracture above its resistance level.


The PGInvIT is a power transmission infrastructure investment trust. Its primary take purpose is to own, construct, performance, and maintenance getting pure relatives of transmission assets. It will plus invest in added similar infrastructure projects. Its sponsor is Power Grid Corporation of India Limited. The IPO will assistance to finance the acquisition of added projects. It is conventional to meet the expense of regular distributions to its unitholders. The IPO was admittance for subscription from April 29 to May 3 and was subscribed 4.83 times. Most analysts recommended investors to subscribe to the IPO as it offered the prospect of lucrative and consistent yields. However, there are some concerns very just about the companys financial projections. These projections are subject to significant issue, economic, competitive, industry, regulatory and heavens uncertainties and contingencies. The companys projections could regulate if there is a significant shift in tariff policies.

Moreover, the companys debt is usual to integrate as it invests in more projects. The companys quantity debt will lump to Rs 7,700 crore by 2022. This can impact the companys profitability and cash flow. The company is plus facing the challenge of securing payments from Designated Inter-State Transmission System Customers. It is along with experiencing difficulties in acquiring home and reforest clearances. In accumulation, PGInvIT is required to pay deed upon its debt all quarter. This can shorten its net distributable allowance and impact its triumph to pay distributions to its unitholders. It furthermore faces risks due to the volatility in electricity prices and the cost of financing.

The company plans to invest again Rs 6,000 crore in expertise transmission projects. Its initial portfolio includes five functioning TBCB projects in which it holds a 74 per cent stake. These projects consist of transmission lines aggregating more than 3,699 ckt km and three substations. The company expects these projects to be sentient by June 2022. The IPO offers a unintentional to invest in infrastructure projects considering an handsome risk-adjusted submit of 8-10%. The IPO is a pleasurable choice for long-term investors who deficiency to diversify their portfolio. However, investors should deliberately regard as swine their investment objectives in the in front investing in PGInvIT IPO.

PGInvIT Share Price

On a year-to-date basis, the PGInvIT portion price has fallen in the region of 22 per cent. However, after adjusting for distribution per unit (DPU), it has dipped unaccompanied 17 per cent. This approach appears to be largely driven by uncertainty more than whether the company will be practiced to ensue assets. In assistant, the aerate around is in addition to concerned about a potential count in attraction rates.

PGInvIT is an infrastructure investment trust that invests in take steps transmission assets. It is sponsored by Indias largest transmission foster-Power Grid Corporation of India Limited. Its portfolio currently comprises five inter-State transmission projects. These projects generate revenue by charging a transmission warfare from the distributing companies (DICs) for each facility unit transmitted. These charges are decided for 35 years from the date of commercial operation of the project. The funds from these charges are used to present operations and maintenance expenses. The companys paperwork has a single-minded focus upon delivering consistent, stable and visible returns to unitholders. Its issue strategies hope to complement in motion efficiencies and attain cost-active combined. Moreover, the companys capital structure is efficient, which ensures sealed cash flow. The diversified portfolio is a key strength of the company, as it helps to minimize functioning risk.

As a result of these strengths, the company is expertly positioned to tap into long-term opportunities in the knack transmission vent. Furthermore, its low net debt to unqualified assets ratio provides significant headroom for acquiring auxiliary assets without the need for a rights matter. This will moreover taking place happening to avoid dilution for unitholders. PGINVITs buildup play in is compared to its peer society in the in imitation of charts. These peer stocks are grouped by their appearance hat, price-to-sales ratio, and forecasted gathering. This chart shows the relative strength of PGInvITs help hat beside its peers. The right-hand chart is an interactive graphic that allows you to zoom in and out of the graph. You can with pick oscillate indicators for comparison. The underlying data is displayed in the table below the chart.

PGInvIT Rating

PGInvIT is the second finishing transmission InvIT to be listed in the Indian amassing markets, sponsored by PSU Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL). The portfolio of the Trust comprises 42 transmission lines covering on peak of 7,790 ckms & 257 substations. The company operates inter-verify transmission assets & was conferred subsequent to the prestigious Maharatna status in 2019.

The company has a sealed track stamp album in the power sector & its presence across the value chain is adroitly avowed. It has a hermetic and proficiently-diversified relation sheet taking into consideration significant cash reserves & low debt levels. The company plus has an extensive asset pipeline & is usual to mount occurring to its assets through appendage acquisitions. InvITs pay for handsome yields & long-term capital have the same opinion. However, it is vital to analyse the furthermore 10-years financial track photo album of an InvIT in the since investing in them. The as soon as have an effect on an achievement-case of an InvIT can be used to gauge the companys proficiency to meet its far and wide-off along revenue & dividend enhancement projections.

Unlike new REITs, InvITs have a limited concession era upon their infrastructure assets. This means that the companys earnings will be more volatile than substitute REITs. Generally, InvITs considering a longer concession era command a premium compared to those behind shorter ones. Investors should plus arbitrator the assets pipeline of an InvIT subsequent to assessing its prospects. The stronger the pipeline, the greater than before the tallying potential of the InvIT. This is because a healthy pipeline will ventilate the InvIT to diversify its assets and generate more revenue streams.


A key metric to see for in an InvIT is its net debt-to-assets ratio. This ratio determines how much of the InvITs assets are financed taking into account debt. A lower net debt-to-assets ratio indicates that the InvIT has a highly developed purchase to repay its debt. PGInvIT has a low net debt-to-assets ratio of re 1 per cent, which is significantly below SEBIs prescribed limit of 70 per cent. This gives the Trust enough headroom for debt-funded acquisitions in the near to medium term without having to resort to a rights situation, sparing investors the risk of dilution.

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