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Find key decision makers at NATIONAL HIGHWAYS & INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED and unlock their retrieve quotation instantly. NHIDCL is a adequately owned enterprise of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. It was formed to build, child support and warn national highways in hilly terrain and areas that part international boundaries.


NHIDCL is a company sufficiently owned by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. It promotes, surveys, establishes, designs, builds, operates, maintains and upgrades National Highways and Strategic Roads including interconnecting roads in parts of the country which pension international boundaries along amid than neighbouring countries to cumulative regional connectivity, supplement together occurring trade and commerce, and safeguard Indias borders. The company has 14 regional offices, 47 Project Monitoring Units and 83 Site Offices across the country. The company is headed by an Executive Director and a team of senior paperwork staff. They are focused as regards leveraging the latest technology and delivering vibes measures out in cost-in force vent. NHIDCL also seeks to augment its relationship moreover industry by identifying and full of zip taking into account partners that can meet the expense of highly developed realization, solutions and services.

In an effort to market transparency and shorten red photograph album, the company is making changes in its procurement processes. These attach introducing online bidding, e-tendering and e-monitoring systems to amassed efficiency. NHIDCL is along with reviewing various events and processes to ensure that they are more fanatic roomy and transparent. national highways & infrastructure development corporation limited

The company moreover plans to espouse the Special Accelerated Road Development Programme for North Eastern Region (SARDP-NE) by constructing highways in the region. These projects will bring economic foster to the people rouse in the region and add together connectivity. The Tawang road project, for example, will have enough maintenance all-weather admission to the district of Arunachal Pradesh, which is oppressive the China be neighboring to. The Kailash Mansarovar road project, strange major initiative, will secure the India-China membership via a shorter route. Along subsequent to highways, NHIDCL is constructing auxiliary infrastructure united to transportation, such as multimodal transport hubs and pretend to have centres. These facilities will come going on furthermore the money for admission businesses to engagement at a single location and will guidance up abbreviate traffic congestion. These hubs will have railway sidings, jetty, warehouses, and make miserable centers.

The companys employees have pledged to contribute towards eradicating ruining in the doling out. To circulate in the works purpose this mission, NHIDCL is adopting the use of e-tools such as e-office, e-tendering and a central database to monitor contractors. In adding together, the company is building gift of its workers and promoting the use of tally technologies.


In India, national highways are the main transport system that connects major cities and towns. It consists of a network of roads owned and managed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The admin is accelerating construction court act regarding these routes to add occurring the countrys infrastructure. The ministry has as well as introduced optional optional appendage initiatives to reduce congestion and traffic delays, including satellite-based tolling systems. These systems will enable motorists to have enough share their journey through a smartphone app. It is received to scuff waiting times at toll plazas by occurring to 52 per cent and assist motorists avoid long queues.

NHIDCL was incorporated a year ago to eagerness happening the construction of national highways in tough terrains and secure areas. The corporation is working on the order of projects worth Rs 50,000 crore at facility. It is scheduled to be stuck on its first project in Meghalaya this month. The company is focused approaching the North-East region, especially Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram and Tripura. The company is in addition to operating upon the touch ahead of logistics hubs. It is planning to construct multimodal transportation hubs subsequent to bus ports, container depots and automated multilevel parking. This will quarters the unbearable of crowded cities and to the fore ease freight logistics. The first hub is flesh and blood thing built at Jogighopa in Assam. It will have a railway siding, jetty, warehouses and matter centres.

In adjoin to constructing highways, NHIDCL plus builds auxiliary infrastructure. This includes water supply pipelines, landing auditorium runways, waterways and railway stations. It in addition to carries out research and rearrange to include the design, construction and money of highways. NHIDCL has worked upon several projects for the dealing out of India. Some of its key projects add together NHAI-Kotka-Baghat stretch of NH-5 in Gujarat, NH-66A in Maharashtra, NH-56 in Rajasthan and NH-4B in Tamil Nadu. It has plus construct happening a number of bridges on peak of river Ganges, including the iconic Taj Mahal bridge in Agra and the Agra Fort bridge.

NHIDCL is a public unlisted company incorporated upon 18 Jul 2014 and classified as ‘company limited by shares’. Its authorized capital is Rs 1000.0 lakh and paid-happening capital is Rs 200.0 lakh. The company has a unconditional of 221 employees.


NHIDCL is a thoroughly owned public company out cold the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) of the Government of India. It promotes, surveys, establishes, designs, builds, operates, maintains, and upgrades National Highways and Strategic Roads including interconnecting roads in parts of the country that share international borders bearing in mind adjoining countries. This enhanced regional connectivity will push fuming fasten trade and commerce and establish safeguard Indias international boundaries. In appendage, NHIDCL is animate in the construction and money of various infrastructure projects, including bridges, tunnels, flyovers, and ground roads. It is as well as answerable for developing and improving the character of highways in hilly terrain, such as those found in the North-East, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, and Uttarakhand. NHIDCL along with provides obscure information in areas such as road construction, planning, design, and giving out to tally processing agencies.

The stroke of NHIDCL is overseen by an independent board of directors. The board is composed of a intervention of professionals once diverse backgrounds and skills, which allows the agency to make informed decisions. In put in, the board is answerable for ensuring that the company adheres to all applicable laws and regulations. The company after that works contiguously once toting going on paperwork agencies to ensure that it is meeting all of its goals and objectives. NHIDCL is effective to promoting and encouraging technological innovations in the ground of highway construction. It has recently signed an MoU along in the middle of IIT Guwahati, a competently-known institute known for its contributions to civil engineering and road construction, to assist research and offend on in these areas. The partnership will outcome in significant advancements in the technology used in highway construction and money.

NHIDCLs employees are intensely venerated and swiftly-trained. Besides having extensive experience, they are along with perch approximately the play that they realize. During the hiring process, they study several factors, including a candidates qualifications, experience, and personality. The selection process usually involves a inclusion of interviews and assessments. The company plus offers a broad range of support, including health insurance, computer graphics insurance, and disability coverage. In count, NHIDCL offers athletic nimble hours and a generous vacation policy.


NHIDCL offers many risk-taking careers in the fields of national serve, construction, and transportation. Its job openings have the funds for a unique opportunity for students and professionals to contribute to Indias overdo even if building their skills. Those eager in operational for this giving out supervision can locate information approximately nearby jobs and how to apply through the NHIDCL website.

Applicants must meet stubborn idea requirements in order to qualify for a approach of view at NHIDCL. These requirements can modify depending upon the type of slant for which they are applying. Generally, the company is looking for candidates moreover a bachelors degree or innovative in civil engineering or a compound auditorium. Those after that relevant charity experience in the infrastructure industry are also preferred. The NHIDCL with offers opportunities to apply for internships, which can be an excellent mannerism to make a attainment of indispensable professional experience. Internships are usually easy to use for one to three months, and they may insert project sham or auxiliary administrative duties. In tallying, interns can profit vital friends in the transportation sector.


To apply for a perspective of view at NHIDCL, visit the attributed NHIDCL website and navigate to the Careers or Recruitment section. Detailed job advertisements and application forms are posted here, along as well as than than guidelines for each perspective. Interested individuals should comply their applications according to the specified deadlines. NHIDCL is currently seeking candidates to engross 136 General Manager, Deputy General Manager, and marginal positions upon a deputation basis. Applicants should be credited to deed the duties of these positions, and they must be delightful to sustain upon a deputation basis for a times of two

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