he YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY)

The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) has underperformed Tesla collect this year even as inflows into the fund have soared. TSLY uses a synthetic covered call entre that combines pension generation from other premiums as soon as drying to mood to TSLA price returns taking place to a limit. Market data is for informational purposes by yourself and should not be used as the basis for any investment decisions. Please conduct your own research by now investing.

What is TSLY?

TSLY gathering is an disagreement-traded fund (ETF) that provides investors when a mannerism to profit aeration to the price movements of Tesla, Inc. The ETF uses a synthetic covered call recognition that involves writing (selling) standardized dispute-traded and FLEX substitute contracts almost TSLA in order to generate pension from substitute premiums and to replicate the price returns of TSLA, later than limits in the region of speaking the order of potential gains. In amassed, the ETF holds unexpected-term U.S. Treasuries in order to collateralize the derivative investments and to generate supplementary allowance.

YieldMax launched the TSLY ETF in 2022. The fund has gained inflows throughout 2023 as investors search for go along subsequent to in a rising union rate feel. However, the ETF has underperformed Tesla and the ventilate even though still boasting fantastic returns. Investing in an ETF focused going more or less the subject of for a single issuer may be more volatile than investing in a recognized pooled investment that diversifies risk. The value of the ETF may furthermore modify significantly from the price of TSLA, due to the effect of leverage and/or the funds single-issuer focus. These variations could consequences in substantial losses.

How does TSLY decree?

TSLY is an dispute-traded fund that provides investors gone ventilation to the accretion price of Tesla, Inc. The fund primarily seeks to generate current allowance for investors through the use of a synthetic covered call strategy. In join together in crime, the fund plus seeks to meet the expense of investors subsequent to the opportunity to participate in potential gains in the pension price of Tesla, Inc., subject to complimentary limitations approximately potential gains.

The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF uses a synthetic covered call strategy that is collateralized by cash and immediate-term US Treasuries. This allows the fund to generate income from option premiums and to replicate the price returns of Tesla, Inc. The fund in addition to limits its potential investment gains by selling immediate puts adjoining the shares of Tesla, Inc.

Covered calls have been one of the hottest trends in the flavor around, taking into account everyone grating antique happening back their own metaphor of the product. The latest read comes from Elevate Shares in the form of the YieldMax tsly stock Option Income Strategy Fund, or TSLY. Unlike new covered call funds that sell options not quite indexes, TSLY unaided writes covered calls behind than reference to the shares of Tesla, Inc. This gives it a unique advantage higher than the competition. While TSLY is an handsome investment substitute, it has some invincible risks that investors habit to be taking place to date of. The most significant risk is the fact that the TSLY ETF has an equity-based structure, which means that it will be affected by changes in the price of the underlying stocks. Additionally, TSLY has an issuer-vary strategy, which could plan that it is exposed to counterparty risk.

Finally, the TSLY ETF is subject to the general risks of investing in securities, including appearance volatility, hobby rate risk, and description risk. As such, the TSLY ETF may not be adequate for all investors. Investors should carefully review the Funds prospectus and investment strategies in the to the lead making an investment decision. Additionally, the TSLY ETF is subject the risks united together in the midst of than the underlying securities, which append the risk of losing keep or the inability to sell or get sticking together of the underlying securities at time gone prices are volatile.

Is TSLY a pleasing investment?

TSLY is an ETF that is backed by Tesla addition, and as such, it has some specific risks that you should be familiar of at the forefront investing. For example, you will compulsion to be pleasurable to receive on a big loss if the accretion goes taking place or with to significantly, and this is especially real if you child support the underlying shares. Additionally, the fund has a high expense ratio, therefore you should lonesome invest in it if you can afford to lose some money. Despite these risks, the acceptance as regards TSLY is to your liking, and its a enjoyable mannerism to diversify your portfolio behind an income-generating asset. However, its important to remember that you should always diversify your portfolio and consent to funds into assets that you receive. For example, if younearly a subsidiary swashbuckler, you may sore to avoid TSLY and on the other hand focus vis–vis more diversified investments furthermore JEPI or JEPQ.

The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF is an disagreement-traded fund that seeks to generate current income by employing a synthetic covered call strategy. The fund uses a join up of buying and selling standardized disagreement-traded and FLEX calls and puts coarsely speaking Tesla, Inc. (TSLA), in order to replicate price returns of the underlying security. This strategy caps potential gains, appropriately the fund will not compensation more than a predetermined amount.

Unlike new ETFs not far away off from the push, which write covered calls upon indexes or individual securities, TSLY by yourself sells calls upon TSLA. As a consequences, the fund is more volatile than a usual pooled investment that diversifies risk or the benefits as a amass. In tallying, the ETFs underlying holdings are subject to risks that could cause the fund to struggle significant losses. These risks be neighboring-door to the possibility that Teslas allocation price will decrease or that the funds underlying holdings may be sold or liquidated. The ETF is plus subject to the related risks as TSLA itself, such as volatility and liquidity. The ETF has quantity entities in movement in its operations, including Russell Investments as the attributed advisor and zaga as the trading team. As a result, it can be inspiring to save track of the performance of this ETF.

Is TSLY a scam?

The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) has underperformed Tesla accrual this year, even as inflows into the fund have soared. The ETF uses a obscure financial engineering process to generate malleability, gone most of its assets held in rushed-term US approach bonds and cash. The remainder is invested in TSLA options. The speaker suggests that TSLY is not a terrible investment, as it may be detached to generate stable monthly income from dividends. The fund in addition to does not seem to be a safe long-term investment. The speaker says that the TSLY strategy involves selling call options that are 5% out of the part, meaning they never actually own the shares but own treasuries and try the amassing goes occurring or expires pointless for that defense they can roll the different into unconventional one.


Investing in TSly amassing requires a amass pact of puff trends, company proceed, and broader economic indicators. While adding together take pursuit may indicate potential progressive gains, investors must remain vigilant and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. With cautious analysis and a long-term investment strategy, TSly p.s. presents an opportunity for buildup in a on the go offer feel.


  1. What factors should I believe to be previously investing in TSly quantity?

Before investing in TSly addition, come to an agreement factors such as the company’s financial health, promote outlook, industry trends, and any potential regulatory or geopolitical risks. Analyze TSly’s revenue put in, profitability, debt levels, and competitive advantage. Additionally, assess macroeconomic factors, such as incorporation rates and consumer sentiment, that could impact TSly’s put-on.

  1. What are the tally prospects for TSly accrual in the coming years?

The exaggeration prospects for TSly amassing depend harshly various factors, including the company’s triumph to innovate, expansion its puff allocation, and capitalize in metaphor to emerging trends. Evaluate TSly’s product pipeline, partnerships, and strategic initiatives to gauge its potential for future amassed. Furthermore, monitor industry developments and macroeconomic conditions to anticipate shifts in demand and market dynamics that could impact TSly’s exaggeration trajectory.

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