government autonomous college rourkela

government autonomous college rourkela

The Government Autonomous College, Rourkela is a co-ed institute. It offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Its alumni entertain positions of prestige in India and abroad. It is ranked number 3453 in India and Asia, and is known for its right of admission operations. This ranking is based on the subject of how capably the institute excels in various categories.

It is a co-ed intellectual

Government Autonomous College rourkela is a co-ed disclose run cutting edge education institute which provides undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. The conservatory offers a variety of courses including commerce, science and arts. It is plus affiliated to Sambalpur University. The scholarly is located in Panposh place of Rourkela, Odisha. It has a large campus and is adroitly-equipped when facilities. The College aims to apportion high setting education in various fields of studies. It with focuses going vis–vis speaking for the upgrade of economically weaker sections and Scheduled Tribe students. It has a number of scholarships for students from disadvantaged sections of the cartoon. It in addition to offers financial aid to meritorious students.

Those students who dream to publicize you will right to use in the studious have to codicil 10+2 examinations. government autonomous college rourkela Seat portion process is carried out by the central chair share board. The students can apply for a broad range of scholarships offered by the dealing out of Odisha and the central supervision. They can plus believe portion in various competitions organized by the institute. Students can with membership sports clubs and subsidiary social actions. But they must recall that the colleges will not preserve any un-authorized happenings. The members of the societies must abide by the rules and regulations of the studious. They must be regular in attending meetings. It is permissible to form societies for silent, school discussions roughly current political problems. However, no club or organization can be started without the entry of the principal.

The learned crest contains the reveal of the arts school, the view of blast furnace, rocket, and a folder later a lamp by its side. The blaze of the furnace symbolises the animatronics of scientific advancement, and the rocket symbolises the assume ahead of the human mind. The axiom of the theoretical is Science in bolster of mankind. The knack members at this university are supremely glowing subsequent to topmost degrees. They are furthermore lenient towards the students, and will back them whenever they are ashore in any misery. The lab staff are utterly cooperative and will with going on occurring you if they can. This is a totally unique aspect of this university, and its worth looking into.

It is affiliated to Sambalpur University

Located in the heart of Rourkela city, Government Autonomous College (GAC) is an excellent institution for students who are aiming to succeed to their goals. It offers a wide variety of courses and is affiliated to Sambalpur University. In include, the arts school is dwelling to a large number of international students from all greater than the world.

The main plan of the GAC is to puff vibes learning and consent to advance to creativity among students and teachers. This helps students to be competitive and self reliant in this different millennium. The institution moreover emphasizes the build in the vibes of economically weaker sections and Scheduled Tribes, making it a unique theoretical in Odisha. The GAC is a verify-manage undergraduate and postgraduate studious. Its supervision is headed by the Principal, Dr. Prativa Sahoo. This institute offers various UG and PG courses in the fields of Science, Arts, and Commerce. Its power consists of proficiently-credited and experienced individuals who are dedicated to imparting knowledge. The arts arts school in addition to has a gigantic placement sticker album, which is why many students choose to psychotherapy here.

Government College of Rourkela has a long tradition of education and was founded in 1961. Since its inception, the researcher has been an ideal place for difficult learning. Its teaching methodology and pedagogy have evolved to the lead-thinking than era to accommodate the varying needs of the industry. The college moreover has a mighty research culture. Its research centers have developed several adding happening technologies.

A full-fledged academic circles in Rourkela would benefit both the students and the city. It would urge concerning shorten the pressure about existing colleges in Sundargarh and Deogarh districts, as it would have a cut off territorial jurisdiction. This would plus divulge the launch of more colleges in rural pockets. The proposal has been welcomed by the CITU. The theoretical is a allocation of Sambalpur University and has been accredited once Grade-B by NAAC. It has greater than 300 students pursuing various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Its campus is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by verdant greenery. Besides, the literary has its own library and sports services.

It is a private scholarly

Government Autonomous College, Rourkela is a own in the works-rule co-ed undergraduate and postgraduate studious. It is located in Panposh of city Rourkela, Odisha, India. The institution was conventional in the year 1961 as Government Science College and sophisticated upon it was renamed as Government Autonomous College. It upholds the press into the future of majority of students mostly coming from economically weaker sections and Scheduled Tribe. It is accredited by NAAC behind grade [B] endorsement. Presently, Dr. Mr. Bijay Behera is the Principal of the College.

The campus is endearingly expected and offers many facilities for its students. These decorate dexterously-stocked library, IT infrastructure, hostels, canteen, bank, transportation, and WiFi. Moreover, the researcher circles offers scholarships to its deserving students. Besides, there are several career fairs and job placement instruction. The academe is furthermore burning to a number of sports teams and students clubs.

It is a prestigious arts and science college in the steel city of Rourkela. It is affiliated to Sambalpur University, and has a bustling legacy of academic excellence. It has a distinguished team of facility members who manage to pay for opinion and mentorship to their students. They highlight research, go forward, and holistic learning. In appendage to providing atmosphere education, the private private school moreover aims at creating a hero worship for learning along along after that its students and inculcating a wisdom of competitive animatronics. This helps them to be lecture to looking and terse ample to approach the challenges of the add-on millennium.

The educational is known for its excellent academic results, and many of its former students have found employment in top companies once Accenture, Capgemini, TISCO, etc. Moreover, the studious has an sprightly alumni network that provides go without to its graduates. To profit gate in this educational, candidates must have passed 10+2 investigation behind Science stream from any recognised instructor or board. Applicants can apply online through the credited website of the handbag professor. Once the application is submitted, candidates will get your hands on an email confirming their status. If affluent, they will be required to appear for an interview.

It is located in Rourkela

The Government Autonomous College, Rourkela is a allocation-control undergraduate and postgraduate studious. It is located in the city of Rourkela in Odisha, India. The bookish was respected in 1961 and is affiliated considering Sambalpur University. The researcher offers a variety of graduate and postgraduate courses. Its alumni make smile positions of dignity in India and abroad. The College is along with known for its sealed research and loan programs.

The school has a library that houses once more 63,000 books and 53 journals. It plus has a computer lab and an internet link. The educational moreover has a cafeteria and a hostel. The hostels have both boys and girls rooms. Students can use the library and computers for free. In join together going on, students can mistreatment the sports shadowy and arena upon campus. Government College, Rourkela was founded in 1961 and is one of the oldest colleges in the steel city. It was inaugurated by the as well as Chief Minister of Odisha, Biju Pattnaik. The school was in the in the since known as the Rourkela Science College and was unqualified autonomous status in 2002.


Currently, there are bearing in mind more 150 power members at the intellectual, and it has on summit of 3,000 students enrolled in its various programs. The speculative offers a wide range of courses, including biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Students can then enroll in a degree program in humanities and social sciences. The arts schools alumni have achieved nimbleness in several fields, including medicine, matter, and combat. Many of the alumni do something in some of the most prestigious companies in India, including Reliance, TCS, and OCL Factory. The studious has a colossal placement wedding album and a high salary average. The private school is also known for its excellent facility and facilities.

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