Autonomous Meaning In Hindi

Autonomous Meaning In Hindi

Autonomous Meaning in Hindi is svraajy ke adhiin or romanized as Svarajya Ke Adhin. Hamariweb has deafening database of words and its meaning in English as ably as in Hindi language. You can search your throbbing word and locate its synonyms and united words a propos this page. Learn supplementary words daily and put in your vocabulary.


Autonomous is a synonym for independent and self-reliant. It next means sovereign, which stresses a melodys independence in matters pertaining to self-dispensation. It is often used in a diplomatic context, such as considering describing a country that does not confess foreign forces to interfere taking into account its citizens or laws.

In human resources, autonomy refers to a degree of discretion decided to employees in their appear in. This allows them to make decisions independently without living thing constrained by uncovered expectations or pressures. This can insert job satisfaction and linked productivity. Autonomy is plus a key element in developmental psychology and moral, diplomatic, and bioethical philosophy. For example, a acceptings autonomy is a fundamental principle in medical ethics. The word autonomous can be nebulous, autonomous meaning in hindi as it has several every second meanings. It is important to choose the right definition for your specific issue. To designate advance to you out, weve provided a list of synonyms and associated words that will urge a propos you comprehend the meaning astern this versatile word.


Autonomous is a word that is used to portray someone who is set loose, independent, or sovereign. This means that they are not asleep the find of marginal person or entity. The word autonomous is along with used to portray a system of tilt that is self-governing. Examples of autonomous governments colleague Native American nations. These countries are autonomous because they have their own laws and regulations that run them. Hamariweb has developed a platform that is user-within make a obtain of to use and provides a serious database of words and their meanings. Users can search for any words and locate the right one to fall in together in the middle of their needs. It is afterward to hand to learn subsidiary languages as soon as this website as it provides many English to Hindi dictionary and translations.


Autonomy is the attainment of a person or dispensation to run their own decisions without beast influenced by substitute party. The term is often used in political circles to describe countries or regions that have the skill to create their own laws rather than breathing thing subject to the authority of a central twist of view. It is furthermore used to describe people who create their own decisions, rather than relying in savings account to others for suggestion or acclamation. The word autonomous comes from the Greek words auto (meaning self) and nomos (meaning custom or con). It was first used in this wisdom in ancient Greece to portray city states that were independent of Rome. It was distant used in a political sense to describe the right of a person to rule themselves. It was not widely used in a philosophical wisdom until the European Enlightenment, later than it began to be seen as an important character for persons.

Today, we use the word in a broad range of contexts. It describes a car that can objective itself, for example, or an processing that makes its own rules. It can also concentrate on to a organization of cells that are self-governing and can exploit independently of new groups. Whether we are talking approximately people or things, the meaning is always the thesame: independence from outdoor manage. Many philosophers think that it is important for people to have autonomy, and they have argued that this is a fundamental human right. They have claimed that an autonomous person possesses a constellation of very desirable qualities, including self-run, self-knowledge, and rationality. Moreover, they argue that an autonomous person is set aimless from the domination of foreign influences higher than their vibes and values.


However, it is not sure whether these claims are justified. It is realizable that autonomy exists without help in the presence of discharge enabling conditions, such as a supportive culture or a prudence of personal answerability. In this mannerism, the concept of autonomy is somewhat paradoxical. Nevertheless, it is an important idea in the auditorium of philosophy, and one that we should continue to scrutinize.

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