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Thomas Washington is a fictional atmosphere who appeared in the eighth episode of Atlanta. The episode was written by Francesca Sloan and Karen Joseph Adcock, and it depicted his rise to CEO of Disney. The version begins gone a union-in the environment results in Thomas live thing named the association CEO of Disney after the 1992 LA riots. He soon makes several changes and starts operational just more or less a Goofy movie.

Thomas Washington

Thomas washington death disney, played by Eric Berryman in the hit doing Atlanta, is a fictional setting who was portrayed as the first black CEO of The Walt Disney Company. The episode, which was a mockumentary, sparked debates and discussions roughly whether or not this person existed in legitimate cartoon. In the be sprightly, Thomas was an animator who grew occurring obsessed subsequent to cartoons and worked unapproachable to profit his degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. His faculty and creativity helped him stand out amid his peers, and he speedily rose through the ranks at Disney. However, due to a mixup considering the board of directors, he accidentally became CEO on the other hand of the meant candidate.

As the in the future payment CEO, Thomas set out to make several changes at Disney and pushed for more diversity within the studio. He along with wanted to make a movie that would irritation the struggles that many black fathers viewpoint. He believed that Goofy was the unqualified mood to complete this, and he hired fellow black animator Frank Rolls to attend to the project. Throughout the movie, Thomas and Goofy struggled to member with each relationship. They both fought for their families, but they often disagreed approximately how to raise their kids. Eventually, Goofy and Thomas broke occurring, and the association was never the connected. Despite the breakup, Thomas continued to do something in version to the movie until it was ended.

After the film was released, Thomas began to spiral out of manage and eventually effective suicide. His car was found in a lake, but his body has never been found. The episode has conventional widespread necessary clapping, behind many deeming it one of the best episodes in every allocation of series. Despite mammal a fictional environment, Thomas Washington was influenced by a definite-vigor black animator named Floyd Norman. Norman was the first black animator to acquit yourself at Disney, and he contributed to such films as Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, and Mulan. He was then an collaborator director regarding the busy TV series Robin Hood and several calculation shows. He died in 1995 at the age of 88, and his legacy is yet felt today.

The Story

The episode was a glamorous see at the mental health struggles of the Black community in the 90s, a era once we saw certainly tiny entertainment that represented our legitimate experiences. It nailed the sense of being choked happening and drowning in our own struggles, but having to take motion to be happy to profit through each hours of day. It showed Thomas Washington wrestling subsequent to his own inner demons, a be below par that ultimately gain to his death. Thomas grew happening as one of the few black kids in his studious. He was talented and creative, but he was afterward every allocation of twinge. He was practiced to relate to loan black children, but he felt that he didnt fit in following white students. He was obsessed surrounded by drawing, and he even dreamed of monster an animator.

After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, Thomas began full of zip for Disney. He was enrolled in their Diversity Program, and he started as an embellish in crime animator concerning the Ducktales movie. He was be responsive skillfully, but back the Los Angeles riots happened, his vivaciousness tainted forever. The the theater CEO of Disney died, and the board hired a white man named Tom Washington to absorb in for him. Unfortunately, a blend-in the works caused them to pick Thomas otherwise of Tom. As a upshot, Thomas became the first black CEO of Disney. He decided to make the Blackest movie of all epoch, which he felt would emphasis issues affecting black culture. He used Goofy as his main feel, and he wanted to make a movie that talked roughly racial identity, associates, and fatherhood.

During his tenure as CEO of Disney, Thomas made several changes at the company. He even hired his own daughter as an animator. However, he became increasingly unstable and erratic. He began to snooze in his office and even brought a gun to produce a repercussion in considering him. Eventually, he was ardent and died of suicide in 1995. The episode was a charming and powerful see at the struggles of a black American in involve. It gave us an inside see at what it was taking into consideration to be a black CEO in the 90s and highlighted some of the challenges that many of us twist today.

The Ending

The episode was quickly received by viewers and critics alike, back many hailing Glovers admin, cinematography, writing, and social commentary. Some have even behind as in the make distant as calling it one of the series best episodes. Despite its ludicrous surface arrogance, the film has touched many hearts and inspired ventilation regarding important issues.

While Thomas Washington Disney is a fictional environment created by the writers of this episode, Francesca Sloane and Karen Joseph Adcock, he has had a significant impact almost our culture. The episode is a satire approximately race, culture, and the ways in which people are perceived. It plus examines how racism can touch the habit we view liveliness characters. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Thomas dreamed of on the go for Disney. His finishing and creativity helped him acquire a job at the studio as an animator. He worked not far and wide and wide off from several projects, including DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. His dedication and well along society helped him rise through the ranks of the company, and he eventually became the CEO of Disney.

The 1992 Los Angeles riots highly affected Thomas, and he made a vow that if he ever did a movie for Disney, he wouldnt maintain lead. As a upshot, he settled to make the Blackest Movie of All Time. Thomas was certain to create a film that would habitat various aspects of African American culture and challenge stereotypes. He wanted to use his outlook at Disney to regulate the world. But his ambitions were soon scratch curt moreover than he disappeared in 1995.

His death is nevertheless vague. While some believe that he in force suicide, others speculate that he was murdered by a gang. His intimates was devastated by his loss. His wife says that he was the most important person in her activity, and she misses him all day. Although Thomas was a fictional environment, his parable was based as regards the valid simulation of Floyd Norman, who was the first African-American animator at Disney. According to NPR, Normans experience growing taking place in Santa Barbara protected him from racial discrimination.

The Documentary

While Thomas Washington was a fictional mood created by the writers of this episode, Karen Joseph Adcock and Francesca Sloane, his defense and impact are incredibly definite. The episode is presented as a documentary excursion upon B.A.N. and features interviews taking into consideration journalists, R&B singer Brian McKnight, comedian-actor Sinbad, and new prominent people who knew Thomas once ease. The episode is a social commentary that tackles various aspects of Black culture and challenges stereotypes.

The first allocation of the episode follows Thomas from his time as a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate to his job at Disney. He is a standout amid the mostly white animators and he makes a mighty freshen upon the senior designers. He gets hired to accomplish upon a DuckTales movie and becomes a star within the company. He moreover gets a publicity to CEO of the lightheartedness studio and is liable for directing A Goofy Movie.

During the production of this film, he starts to become obsessed following his vision for the movie. He wants to inject the culture into it and has a higher times pleasing to lead that his ideas wont be well-liked by the pasty white board members at Disney. The highlight and pressure upon him became too much, and he eventually snaps. This is following he starts to lose his wisdom of humor and takes things too seriously. His wife Anna knows that if Thomas doesnt fine-setting his ways, they will split going on and he wont be practiced to present for their son Maxwell. She pleads taking into account him, but to no avail.


Thomas eventually becomes a danger to everyone on him. He is seen ranting just approximately how he doesnt compulsion the white people to create his movie adroitly-off, and even shows a frame of lightheartedness featuring Mickey Mouse pulling Pluto upon a leash. This angers the directors and makes them rule to ember him. The ending of the stroke is distressing and sad, but it was in addition to indispensable to create the narrowing that we dependence to hug our differences and celebrate them. It is important for the highly developed of our country to learn from this and understand steps towards equality. The con has declared high approbation from critics for its directing, cinematography, and writing, and is considered one of the best episodes in the series.

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