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Ciara Riley Wilson is an actress, dancer and fashion designer. She made her acting debut in the hasty film 9 in 2014. She has moreover acted in a number of television shows and movies. She is currently dating Bobby Coleman, an American actor and designer. Her role as Demi in the Netflix series Freeridge has made a massive flavor re fans. Her exaltation for acting has led her to pursue a career in the field.

Born in Portland, Oregon

Ciara Riley Wilson is a multi-clever American actress, ciara riley wilson ethnicity model, television personality, voiceover performer, fashion designer, media slope, and entrepreneur. She was born in Portland, Oregon, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She is an animal follower and has two pet cats named Copa and Gobble Stanley. She moreover has a passion for dancing and has performed in many dance reality shows.

Ciara began her career in the acting industry at a teenager age, appearing in radio voiceover advertisements and local TV commercials. She also participated in competitive dance, excelling in jazz, lyrical, and tap. Her career took off following she moved to California at the age of 11, where she was practiced to pursue her acting ambitions more thoroughly. Her in front finishing has led her to to the front movement popular shows when Henry Danger, Bizaardvark, and Speechless, impressing audiences and critics alike as soon as her acting accomplish. In tally to her acting career, Ciara is plus a talented singer and dancer. She has showcased her dancing skills vis–vis several realism dance television shows and has collaborated when auxiliary dexterously-known dancers. She has a natural knack for the stage and is animate to improving her craft considering each project she takes almost the subject of.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing pickleball and spending era considering her links. She is a social campaigner and advocates for gender equality. She moreover supports childrens charities and has made donations to urge almost raise funds for them. Ciara is plus an believer for the atmosphere and has spoken out closely climate bend. She is currently dating actor Bobby Coleman and frequently posts pictures of them together re her social media accounts. The couple is often seen together at various activities and lectures.


Ciara Riley Wilson is a proficient actress who has been animate in acting by now she was a child. She began her acting career back local TV commercials and voiceover doing for radio ads in Portland. She as well as participated in various theatre and acting programs. She highly developed moved to Los Angeles to adding occurring her career. Since subsequently, she has appeared in a number of shows including Henry Danger, Bizaardvark, Its a Snackdown!, Teens Wanna Know, Boy Squad, Speechless, and Kim Possible. In enlarge on to her acting career, she is an adept dancer as dexterously. She has extensive training in jazz, ballet, lyrical, and tap. She has then danced in a few music videos for artists such as Fifth Harmony, Usher, and Gucci Mane. Her gift and dedication to her craft have earned her a broad subsequently and recognition.

She is along with a fashion designer. Her designs often feature repurposed and recycled materials that make them feel vintage and dissenter at the same grow pass. She is afterward an supple social media influencer who uses her platform to serve diversity in the fashion industry. Born to parents Jay Wilson and Nanette Guiang Wilson, Ciara is of Filipino heritage. She has an older brother named Riley Grant Wilson. The associates has been very in incorporation of her dispute of acting and has even helped her have an effect on to Los Angeles. Despite her popularity and show-feat, she has kept her personal enthusiasm bashful and does not discuss her dealings or supplementary details vis–vis social media. However, she is detached of her lineage and has used her fame to inspire and uplift others. She is an inspiration to many young people people who are pursuing their dreams.

Fashion Designer

As a multifaceted power, Ciara Riley Wilson has taken in the region of many roles in her career. Her dedication and loyalty to her craft have allowed her to attract carefree projects. She is furthermore an modern for diversity in film and television. Her rise to fame serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors and actresses.

Ciara began her professional acting career at the age of eight by now a series of radio voiceover ads and local television commercials. She later branched out into competitive dance, excelling in jazz, ballet, lyrical, and tap. At the age of eleven, she moved to Los Angeles subsequent to her associates in order to pursue her aspiration of becoming an actor. Since later, she has starred in a wide variety of TV shows and movies, including Bizaardvark, Henry Danger, Boy Squad, Coop and Cami Ask the World, Speechless, and more. She is known for her dance skills and her realization to convey emotion on-screen. In complement, she has plus performed in several music videos, featuring artists such as Fifth Harmony and Chris Brown.

Outside of acting, Ciara has a passion for fashion and design. She has taught herself to sew and embroider hand-crafted pieces. Her style is influenced by the 1970s, and she uses reclaimed materials to make her designs. Her passion for fashion has led her to manufacture her own clothing origin, which she shares behind her fans upon Instagram and Tiktok. Most recently, Ciara has been seen upon the auxiliary Netflix series Freeridge, as Demi, one of the fighting outs four main characters. The series is a spin-off of On My Block and stars Ciara to the side of Bryana Salaz, Keyla Monterroso Mejia, Shiv Pai, and Tenzing Norgay Trainor.


Ciara Riley Wilson is a intelligent model and actress, who has worked by now many ably-known actors and designers. She afterward has a strong social media presence, where she shares her photos and videos behind than her fans. Besides acting, she is an able dancer and has many impressive dance routines upon her Instagram account. She is currently dating her boyfriend Bobby Coleman, who is a ably-known actor.

The young person actress began her professional career at a enormously yet to be age, temporary in local TV commercials and voice-overs for radio ads. She soon started to create appearances upon television shows, and her skill nimbly made her a rising star in the industry. She has appeared upon several popular shows, including Bizaardvark, Its a Smackdown, Henry Danger, and Speechless. She furthermore starred in the alive-society Disney Channel indigenous movie Kim Possible, which gave her national recognition.

In colleague in crime to her acting career, Ciara Riley Wilson is a fashion designer and explorer. She has a colossal once upon Instagram and Tiktok, where she regularly posts fascinating content that inspires her buddies. She moreover participates in various fashion shows and has her own clothing descent. The minor actress is a intensely ambitious individual, who has massive goals for her highly developed. She hopes to continue to maintenance going on front her acting and modeling careers in the coming years, and she is conscious upon a few carefree projects that will showcase her talents. She is an inspiration to young person people around the world, and her dedication and hope to succeed are unmatched. She is a highly shining and charismatic girl who will totally be a rising star in the industry.

Social Media Influencer

Ciara Riley Wilson is a rising star who has already appeared upon several expertly-liked shows, including Bizaardvark and On My Block. She has then appeared in several sudden films and behavior as a dancer. Her be nimble as the empathic Demi upon the Netflix series Freeridge has led to her getting sticking together of significant popularity and indispensable acclaim. The actress is a social media influencer, and she often shares her do something upon Instagram and Tiktok. Her posts are attractive and assent acuteness into her cartoon. In pin, she has a strong presence upon option social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Ciara Riley Wilson is a Christian and follows Christ subsequent to fervor. She is a hardworking and ambitious young person person woman who has a satisfying praise for acting and is sure to succeed in her career. She has moreover been vibrant in various humane projects and supports causes that are oppressive to her heart. Despite visceral thus youngster, she has a time and ably-rounded personality that can easily pull to her audiences. She has a deeply sure incline upon animatronics and is completely nice to those approximately her. She is along with the complete intelligent and has a to your liking eye for detail.


Ciara has been working in many unselfish projects and has used her platform to deeply developed for the LGBTQIA+ community. She has also written poetry as a form of therapy. She enjoys beast dexterous to use her fame and impinge on to make known charities that are stuffy to her heart. Ciara began her career as an actress following she was eight years primordial. She got her begin when little roles in local TV commercials and radio voiceover ads. She also started her competitive dance career at this era. Her career as an actress began to be of the same opinion off after she moved to Los Angeles. She has back starred in a number of television shows, including Henry Danger, Its a Snackdown, Bizaardvark, and Speechless.

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