Tina Hermann

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — Two women and an 11-year-archaic boy were stabbed to death, dismembered and lowered into a hollow tree, a coroner stated Saturday in this little town. Investigators publicize they have charged a man in the lawsuit. Joe Pejsa, Herrmann’s ex-boyfriend and her daughter’s uncle, said the relatives is not returning to the dwelling. The Dairy Queen where she worked has closed its doors though investigators flattering the home.

Her Personal Life

Tina Hermann was a busy, nimble girl who was always laughing and smiling. She was a tender mother who took immense joy in the easy things in moving picture, such as animate sunflowers and her dolphin amassing. She was a hard-in hardship, rosy and loyal friend and coworker who touched many lives subsequent to her friendliness. She loved to admit care of her pets, and was always helping others. Her son Kody was a gentle child considering a deafening heart, and her daughter Sarah was an talented woman who enjoyed playing video games. She was next an greedy baseball follower and loved all sports, especially her favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds.

The first indication that something had to the lead atrociously muddled in this tiny town came gone Herrmanns Dairy Queen overseer went to check on her after she didnt swing occurring for play-stroke. The supervisor, Valerie Haythorn, told The AP in description to the subject of Friday that gone she drove by last week, the lights were on speaking at her habitat in Howard and Herrmanns truck was in the driveway. Thinking all was dexterously, she kept driving. But bearing in mind Herrmann missed a second hours of hours of day of produce a consequences in, Haythorn agreed to desire abet to her habitat and this grow antiquated she climbed in through the assist window because the stomach gate was locked. She said she rapidly noticed a significant amount of blood.

Investigators taking as soon as again the blood found in the residence was a consequences of an violence concerning Herrmann by Matthew Hoffman, who has been charged bearing in mind three counts of murder and kidnapping. He was arrested a propos November 14, and authorities pronounce he led them to the bodies of Herrmann, her son, and associates buddy Stephanie Sprang by revealing reference during his four-page first-person recognition. The community has come together in withhold of the victims families, and a makeshift memorial has been growing at Herrmanns dwelling, where police found the remains of her, Kody and Sprang harshly Thursday. The memorial includes balloons, teddy bears and flowers. The relatives thanks achievement enforcement and the community for their child support. Cards and add-on donations can be dropped off at the Mount Vernon Dairy Queen where Herrmann worked, and the staff will donate $1 from each and every one Blizzard sold almost Saturday to the associates.

Her Work Life

When Tina Herrmann, 32, and relatives friend Stephanie Sprang, 41, unproductive to behave happening for argument at a local Dairy Queen in Mount Vernon regarding November 10, their husbands called the police. A sheriffs deputy twice went to the Herrmann domicile and proverb her truck parked in the driveway, but no one answered the quirk in. Later, investigators found blood in her address and in her car.

The first sign that something was incorrect in this tiny community was once a Dairy Queen commissioner drove by the flaming and saying the lights yet upon. Thinking anything was customary, she kept driving. But as soon as than Herrmann missed a second daylight of produce a upshot, she went auspices to the get out of, climbed through a encourage window, and saw a lot of blood. She reported her findings to the sheriffs department, and they higher discovered that there was an underlying difficulty. The breakdown found that Hoffman, a landscaper who moreover had a tree-climbing shape, had mental problems.

He had a records of domestic sick-treat and added emotional issues, according to investigators. He had been arrested previously for stalking a former girlfriend and had been charged following belligerence and battery in 2004 after hitting her in the head gone a shovel. Despite their tragedy, the family has traditional a tremendous outpouring of sticking together from links and neighbors. Memorials of flowers and teddy bears have sprung happening at the crime scene, and the local Dairy Queen is collecting portion to help the victims families. Staff members will donate $1 from each and every single one one Blizzard sold upon Saturday to the fund, 10TV reports. A fund has in addition to been set occurring in the names of Tina Herrmann and Kody Maynard, the enduring victim.

Her Family Life

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio (CBS/WBNS) — Mourners carried sunflowers and baseballs as they left a visitation help Tuesday for a mommy and her 11-year-earliest-fashioned son who were stabbed to death and dismembered in central Ohio. There were two closed caskets and a mound of flowers at the facilities at a church. The relatives thanked feint enforcement, members of the community, associates and links who came to pay their respects.

The first sign that something was wrong at Tina Herrmann’s land occurred the day of Nov. 11. She did not hobby occurring for play a role at her Dairy Queen in Mount Vernon and a overseer called to name she would not be coming in. A police deputy stopped at her flaming to study and found a bloody backyard, a car uncovered covered in debris and an extreme amount of blood inside her ablaze. Investigators were speedily skillful to colleague every together and realized they knew who did it. They went to the Walmart where they had been notified of the benefit of tarps, checked surveillance videos and realized it was Hoffman who had purchased them. They were in addition to lithe to determine what his car looked following and were skillful to track beside where he lived in the place.

When he was arrested upon November 14, Hoffman wrote a four-page malleability letter and revealed the location of the victims’ bodies to authorities. In it, he claimed he designed to rob Tina’s quarters, but she was home subsequent to her daughter and he killed her, too. He said he in addition to ate a hamburger and watched Iron Man movies bearing in mind Sarah since killing her and hiding the body parts in a hollow tree. His gruesome version has amazed residents of this tiny town in eastern Knox County. The murders have led to the formation of a opening in memory of the two women and the friend who died along following them, and a balloon festival to lift funds for families affected by use neglect. Hoffman pleaded guilty upon January 6 to 10 felonies, including irritated murder and rape, and was sentenced to liveliness in prison without parole.

Her Final Words

In her obdurate idea days, Tina Herrmann surrounded herself in imitation of the people she loved most. Her daughter and her links at the local Dairy Queen were a constant source of preserve, as competently as her parents and sister. She was a dedicated mother and sister who always put her relatives first. Her courage and energy were evident to those who knew her.

She loved to dance, swim and retrieve books upon dolphins. She moreover enjoyed the easy things in computer graphics, later energetic sunflowers and her store of baseball cards. But her greatest joy was creature a mother to her son Kody and her daughter Sarah. Tina was a passionate wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend who will be intensely missed. She was survived by her husband, Keith; son, Kody; daughter, Sarah; her dad, Raymond; brother, Eric; nieces and nephews; and many new passionate links and relatives members.

When Mount Vernon police officers sudden into Tinas home upon Nov. 10, 2010, they found piles of leaves that were therefore high they fearful bodies might be buried beneath them. By that period, unemployed tree trimmer Matthew Hoffman had already murdered 32-year-very old Herrmann and her 11-year-obsolete son, Kody, and kidnapped Hermanns friend and neighbor, 41-year-earliest-fashioned Stephanie Sprang, to child support her captive in his basement for four days. Footprints outside the dwelling led them to a Walmart sack of tarps, and following they literary that a man who bought them drove a truck gone the one that Hoffman used, they were convinced they had their suspect.


Hoffman murdered his victims by stabbing them in the chest and gain, with dismembered them. He stuffed the remains in trash bags and lowered them into a hollow tree in a wildlife area, according to a coroners parable. The crime shocked this tiny town and spawned a full-scale missing-person laboratory analysis. Her co-workers at the Dairy Queen in Mount Vernon rallied to form search parties and helped lift child support for Sarah and her intimates. In a detailed agreement to his attorneys, Hoffman pleaded guilty in January 2011 to killing Stephanie Sprang, Tina Herrmann and her son Kody and abducting and sexually assaulting Sarah Maynard, and was sentenced to energy without the possibility of parole.

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