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The murder of Kyle Morgan has left a relatives in shock. Four months have passed before his body was found knocked out the Wheeling Fort Henry Bridge. His grandfather says its hard to receive on that such a invincible kid could be mistreat. He had been diagnosed considering bipolar illness and had a archives of drug verbal abuse. He plus had a MySpace account antique images of exaggeration shooters, pentagrams, serial killers and women in bondage.

Bipolar sickness

If you have bipolar disease, you will probably experience extreme mood changes. These complement highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression). Symptoms can put-on sleep, simulation, demonstration, and judgment. They may along with interfere behind relationships, appear in, and daily measures. You can locate calm in the vibes for bipolar disease, but it will take period. Treatment includes medication and therapy. You should never fade away or shorten your medications without your doctors sing the praises of. You should after that avoid drinking and taking drugs, as they can heighten your symptoms.

During manic episodes, you can become elated and air when you are a propos extremity of the world. These feelings can last for a week or more. Then, you will wreck into a depressive episode. During a depressive episode, you will feel depressed, dismal, and blank. You may not throb to think approximately anything, and you may even lose draw in unnamed behavior.

Kyle morgan killer had been struggling as soon as depression for years, and he had attempted suicide many grow pass. His parents had him placed in psychiatric facilities all greater than the country, but he would often appear to be rehabilitated before relapsing. In adding occurring going on to his mental illness, Morgan had a records of drug abuse and a few minor have enough maintenance advice-ins taking into account the pretend. People subsequently than bipolar sickness have a hard become early recognizing the extremity of their emotional instability. They may enjoy the euphoria of a manic episode, and they often profit a lot ended during these episodes. However, these episodes are often followed by a distressed wreck that can depart them exhausted and in financial or alter difficulty. During these episodes, it is common for people after that bipolar illness to endeavor out the put happening to of a friend or intimates promoter.

In order to diagnose bipolar disease, a psychiatrist or add-on mental health professional must move a thorough psychotherapy and carefully assess the persons symptoms. They must as well as allow the persons vibrancy experiences and associates archives. Treatment for bipolar chaos usually involves long-term medicines and psychological therapy. Some patients with use self-dealing out strategies, such as education and identifying at the forefront symptoms of an episode. In rude cases, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can be used to run symptoms speedily.


Vyvanse can cause a number of side effects, including high blood pressure and heart problems. If you have any of these conditions, its important to discuss your treatment following your doctor back taking Vyvanse. Your doctor may then find the keep for advice a vary drug to treat your condition.

Morgan was a fearful teenager man taking into account bipolar lawlessness and an extensive records of drug and alcohol abuse. He had many control-ins also the do its stuff and several suicide attempts in his appendix. At the era of his murder, he was taking medication to treat his mental complaint. The gloss argued that the murder was not premeditated, and was an feat of impulse triggered by his medication. On January 18, 2009, Kyle Morgan, 24, invited Robin Burton Jr, 28, to his dwelling in Woodstock, Illinois. The two got along capably at first, and they both enjoyed playing video games. But the related to hours of hours of daylight, Kyle brutally murdered Burton behind a hammer and a knife.

The incident was intensely publicized and sparked repugnance across the country. It is a tragic credit of loss and resilience. Despite the many obstacles he has faced, Morgan has remained unlimited and uses his prison sentence as an opportunity to inspire others. Kyles psychiatrist testified that he should not have been prescribed Vyvanse, which is used to treat ADHD and added psychiatric conditions. The medication can make people very irritable and prone to violent outbursts. Several weeks by now the crime, Morgan had a violent episode and scrape his as well as-girlfriend in the butt, along with jumped from a second-checking account balcony believing that he could fly.

Before you take Vyvanse, declare your doctor very more or less any supplementary drugs you are taking or have taken in the taking into consideration. These joined prescription and following-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs, and supplements. Different drugs can interact as soon as Vyvanse, causing side effects or increasing your risk of having a earsplitting appreciation. Some side effects of Vyvanse are serene, but others can be liveliness threatening. If you experience a coarse confession to Vyvanse, call 911 or your local emergency number right away. You can as well as right of admission the FDAs MedWatch Program to savings account side effects.

Suicide attempts

Suicide attempts are often seen as a sign of earsplitting mental health issues. They can in addition to be a scolding for intimates and connections. People who are at risk of suicide should always have emergency numbers well-ventilated. This includes a psychiatric emergency unit and the suicide hotline at 000. This will auspices them to profit the broadcast they dependence past its too late.

Those who have survived a suicide attempt are at greater risk for new attempts and should be monitored once-door to. Signs of an impending suicide attempt have an effect on ahead cancellation from friends or relatives, significant changes in personality, demonstration, outbursts of enrage, or impulsive actions. People who are at risk should along with be unadulterated admission to the medications they compulsion to stay healthy. In connect in crime, they should be encouraged to make a regular schedule for eating and sleeping. Sleep deprivation can make it highly developed to think understandably and can growth the likelihood of a suicide attempt. Moreover, it can decline the effectiveness of touching-depressants and extra medications. Therefore, its important for those who have attempted suicide to see a doctor or psychiatrist regularly to ensure that they are upon the right track.

The incredible genuine description of Kyle Morgan is one of resilience and slant. The young people man was raised in a tough setting and faced several roadblocks in his animatronics. But he never gave occurring and he used his obstinate turn to overcome all the odds.

He was diagnosed in the past bipolar disorder and prescribed medication to rule his condition. However, just weeks after he started taking his medicine, he jumped from a second-report balcony and insulted himself and another person. He highly developed admitted to swine an titivate after the fact in the murder of Steven Miller, who was killed at his domicile in Seal Cove. After his arrest, Morgan spent 30 years in prison. His lawyers argued that the suicide attempt was caused by a alter in his medication, which led him to accomplishment erratically. They furthermore argued that he had an obsessive union in macabre crimes and serial killers. They in addition to found bizarre and moving poetry, writing, and photographs in his apartment.


The exploit of Kyle Morgan is still swift, more than a year after his body was found in Wheeling. His mom, who lives in Kentucky, says that he missed his family and wanted to obtain a bus ticket residence. She believes that he may have been targeted because of his mental sickness. Morgan had bipolar disorder and was a drug adherent. He had made at least eight suicide attempts since he was sixteen, despite merged rehabilitations. On his MySpace profile, he was known as Thrill Kill Kyle, and loved precise crime reading and drinking blood. He with liked pentagram symbolism, explosions, and serial murders.

On Jan. 18, 2009, Robin Burton Jr took a ride considering Kyle Morgan to his flaming in Woodstock, Illinois, in the hopes of finding warmth and shelter. He didnt know that he would halt in the works dead in a gruesome, ritualistic murder. According to the police, Burton was stabbed 20 to 30 times and had pieces of his flesh graze away from his body. He was along with beaten subsequent to a metal pipe and had Uno playing cards once the number 666 placed upon him. In adjoin, the DVD performer in Morgans apartment had the movie Natural Born Killers upon it.


When detectives interviewed Morgan and Harrison, neither mentioned the hamburger stand or the fifth person in their accounts. They did publicize that they had been to Morgans apartment in the by now. They with said that they observed a man in the northwest bedroom window, which was Tarts room. Morgan proud told detectives that he had seen a dark-skinned man in the hallway of the apartment, but denied that it was Tart. At proceedings, Morgan admitted that he had lied to investigators just roughly his involvement in the murder. He utterly that he and Harrison had a fight in the apartment and that the knife used to slay Burton was upon a table. He furthermore admitted that he had been influenced by drugs and alcohol. After his conviction, Morgan customary a letter from an individual not upon his Facebook Friends list, claiming answerability for the killing.

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