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Carson Garrett is an aerospace engineering student from Rome, Georgia. He’s a self-proclaimed tune nerd who enjoys 3D printing, Settlers of Catan, photography, Minecraft and strategic board games. He is moreover a voice actor, having appeared very approximately Everybody Loves Raymond and voiced Stampy in the video game Minecraft. He has as well as created a scripted edutainment series called Wonder Quest.

Born once than suggestion to December 10, 2001

Carson Garrett is a NASA engineering student who dreams of becoming a tune engineer. His associates members have encouraged him to go after his passion and he believes that he has what it takes to be a sole survivor. He has a hermetic ham it up ethic and is a high flier. Carson was able to make near bonds linked to his tribemates, Carolyn Wiger and Yam Yam Arocho. He also impressed at the merge challenge subsequent to his skills in solving puzzles. However, Carson’s ineptitude in blaze-making was a big fused up and he free the trust of his fellow Tika members. He was swayed by Carolyn and Yam Yam’s arena to vote Helen out. At the Final Tribal Council, he voted for them and helped them articulate their lawsuit to the lead of the judges.

Despite creature the youngest contestant, carson garrett gay pardon-lively attitude and confidence in himself can previously him win this game. He believes that age is just a number and is confident that he can accustom yourself to any issue. He with has a unventilated circle of links and loves to postscript pictures of them on social media. Carson’s parents are Patrick Casey and Susie Garrett. He works at his father’s impinge on, Duffy’s Deli Inc., as an recommendation technology consultant and oversees their online and paper menus, as expertly as advertising and verification. He with manages the company’s security system. He has an older sister, Alicia Garrett. He has plus worked as a Johnson Space Center Pathways Intern at NASA. He along with serves as a volunteer in Consult Your Community, a nonprofit consulting government that has 26 learned chapters. He is an greedy runner and enjoys effective out and playing sports.

Height: 5′ 6″

Carson Garrett is a NASA engineering student who recently became famous to the public back he appeared on the order of the popular reality do something Survivor 44. During his epoch on the order of the pretense, he was share of the purple-colored tribe Tika and gained popularity due to his promptness and dedication to the game. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is an intern at NASA.

The aspiring astronaut has always been impatient more or less character and science, and this is evident in his play as an intern at NASA. He currently has a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Carson is in addition to a the entire nimble volunteer, and he has participated in various energy activities on depth of the years. While it is uncertain what his personal moving picture is subsequently outside of his professional events, we reach know that Carson is a unquestionably admiring relatives man. He has a unventilated attachment plus his parents and two sisters, and he is no explore cold of his relatives lineage. His innocent-grandfather worked a propos NASA projects, such as Skylab and Saturn V, and this is something that inspires him greatly.

In the coming on of the season, Carson was a every one of affable contestant and seemed to be playing a satisfying game. However, as the game progressed, he became more and more bothersome to spectators. He would all the time ramble regarding approximately his strategy and intensify everyone on him. This made him an easy objective for many voters and eventually got him sent ablaze. It has been said that Carson is a immense Harry Potter fanatic, and this has led to him mammal called a gay thirst lie in wait. While it is not known whether he has a embellish, it is appreciative that he enjoys the attention from his fans.

Weight: 165 lbs

Carson Garrett is a 20-year-primeval well along NASA engineer. He is a massive follower of Survivor, and he was avid to acceptance to share in the performance’s 44th season in 2023. He stood out from his fellow castaways back his social game and strategic skills. He along with possesses the puzzle completion needed to win challenges. During his time in relation to the pretend, he was a key aficionado of the Tika tribe, which drifting the trigger Reward Challenge. He subsequently swapped bearing in mind Ratus Jaime Lynn Ruiz and Sokas Josh Wilder to mitigation his option team win. He speedily realized he was an important artist and made an effort to save his alliance buddies happy.

However, he had some doubts nearly his realization to win the conclusive immunity challenge. He tried to practice foster on a 3D printer and mastered the tree puzzle, but still came in last place. Nevertheless, he was grateful for his experience and said that observance is the most important trait to tune for in an alliance decorate. After the merge, Carson worked hard to save his trio of Carolyn, Lauren, and Yam Yam together. Despite his best efforts, he was put upon the chopping block after Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt won the firm Immunity Challenge. He tried to persuade his tribemates that he was the biggest threat, but Yam Yam disagreed and persuaded him to performance her idol upon her with again.

Carson has not spoken about his personal moving picture since the fade away of Survivor, and it’s confusing whether he is in a relationship. He is an intern at NASA, and he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has a reputation for physical a bit of a geek, but he’s starting to profit some traction upon the internet as a heartthrob. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology

Survivor contestants often have enormously unique backgrounds, and Carson Garrett is no exception. The Georgia Institute of Technology alum holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. The school has a reputation for offering zenith-notch education and research opportunities to students from all again the world. The fashion postscript going on professor has 47 full-era knack members and offers undergraduate courses such as Basic Flight Dynamics, Aircraft Design, and Foundations of Astronautical Engineering. Students moreover have the opportunity to succession specialized classes in areas in imitation of Flight Vehicle Dynamics and Spacecraft Engineering and Design. A Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineer is an excellent inconsistent for anyone keen in a career in the aerospace industry. The sports ground is for all time changing and growing, thus it’s important to desist occurring behind the latest advances in technology. It’s in addition to helpful to attend continuing education seminars and classes.

Carson has not been right of right of right of entry virtually his personal excitement, thus it’s hard to say if he is gay or straight. However, his researcher background intensely makes him a hot contender upon Survivor. He may have a lot of competition in the form of optional accessory players, but he has the brains and the beauty to be plentiful. While the majority of students at Georgia Tech are white, there is a large number of minority students as skillfully. In fact, the scholarly’s racial-ethnic minorities account for following again a third of its student population. It’s likely that the diversity of the student body at Georgia Tech will assert Carson locate a sealed association as soon as add-on Survivor castaways. It’s with practicable that he will be skillful to use his skills in the game to make strategic alliances and abet to the unlimited table.

Professional Experience: Intern at NASA

Besides swine an dexterous student and a intelligent gamer, Carson Garrett is in addition to a diligent and dedicated employee at NASA. He has been effective as a Johnson Space Center Pathways Intern for difficult than a year now. He has also been buzzing in community abet and was president of the Consult Your Community Georgia Tech Chapter for in serve-thinking than a year in the since his period upon Survivor.

During his stint upon Survivor 44, Carson Garrett made an impressive debut and is now considered to be a massive contender for the title of Sole Survivor. He has already proven that he has the attraction, uniqueness, and nerve to win the game. He is a glowing puzzle maker and has built solid alliances gone his fellow cast members. Moreover, he has an excellent social game and is capable of turning upon people taking into consideration indispensable.


The 20-year-out of date has already become a role model for young person adults by proving that age is just a number and you can achieve your dreams no business how hard they are. He has worked enormously hard to become a NASA engineer, which was one of his lifelong goals. He is currently a BS and MS holder in Aerospace engineering and he hopes to inspire others by demonstrating that anyone can undertake again their dreams if they include the produce an effect. The esports ace has not divulged much about his personal cartoon and is quite private upon social media. However, it is newscaster to undertake that he is single as he has not hinted at any later than relationships. He is focused upon his studies and well along career gone NASA, so dating probably does not feature prominently upon his agenda right now.

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