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Austin majors parents had a lot of worship and part for him. They encouraged him in his acting profession. He was an Eagle Scout and supported various charitable causes. He along with took a allocation in directing and music production. He was a clever child actor, known for his role as Theo Sipowicz harshly speaking the seven-season NYPD Blue series. He appeared in many new shows, including How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, and ER.

Theo Sipowicz

Theo Sipowicz was the almost-screen son of Detective Andy Sipowicz, played by Dennis Franz. The child actor was killed in the region of Feb. 11 at a homeless housing expertise in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County medical examiner reported. According to the examiner, the cause of death was fentanyl toxicity. Theos sister, Kali Majors-Raglin, confirmed his death to CNN.

The former child star was a dexterously-known slope in television and movies. His most notable role was Theo Sipowicz on the order of the ABC series NYPD Blue. He appeared in 48 episodes from 1999 to 2004. After his era in the region of the work, Majors went in fable to to guest accomplish a part in report to the order of several shows in the austin majors parents, including ER and NCIS. He plus had a two-episode arc around the Hercules miniseries as the voice of Hyllus in 2005. Majors along with starred in the 2007 TV movie An Accidental Christmas.

In the years leading going on to his death, Majors struggled amid drug addiction and homelessness. His associates was intensely affected by his passing. According to TMZ, he died of a suspected fentanyl overdose approximately Feb. 11. Theos parents were not reachable for comment, and their names have not been released. Majors was born in California and raised by his parents. His parents were a pleasurable establish system for him and encouraged him to pursue his hope of becoming an actor. He had a passion for music and was a intelligent singer. He was a Salutatorian of his high intellectual class and attended USCs School of Cinematic Arts. He was a intelligent and hardworking individual.

Theo was enormously close to his sister Kali, who is an actress and a songwriter. They were unquestionably near and loved each calculation enormously much. She was devastated by the news of his death. She has not been accomplished to say you will on the fact that her brother is no more. Theos siblings, who were enormously in covenant of him, are reportedly mourning his loss. They are praying for his soul. Theo was a easy to make a attain of to-hearted person who cared for the welfare of others. He had a passion for directing and musical production.

Kali Majors

Kali Majors is an actress and singer who honed her acting skills through formal training and concerning-the-job experience. She has performed in a number of film, television, and stage productions. Her roles have earned her necessary acclaim and widespread greeting. She has starred adjacent door to actors related to Octavia Spencer, Chris Pine, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Ted Danson. She is next known for her commanding stage presence and do something a part-encounter to captivate audiences when her performances. She starred in many adroitly-liked films and TV shows including The Monkeys Paw  A Retelling, Nevada, Baby Blues, Small Town Saturday Night, and Ghost Whisperer. She has a natural faculty for acting and is adept to bring puzzling characters to vibrancy on the subject of the screen. Her solid dogfight out ethic and dedication to her craft have made her one of the most promising youthful actresses in Hollywood.

In merge to her take leisure liveliness in the future of the camera, Kali is working to giving guidance to the community and has lent her refrain to a variety of charitable organizations. Her unselfish efforts have been credited by numerous awards and accolades. She is avid occurring not quite helping those in need and has made a lasting impact concerning speaking the order of the lives of others. Austin Majors, the actor who portrayed Theo Sipowicz in NYPD Blue, has died at age 27. According to reports, he was found dead in a homeless shelter in Los Angeles upon February 11, and his death has been ruled accidental due to fentanyl poisoning. His sister, Kali Majors-Raglin, declared his passing in a announcement.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts considering a major in Film and Television Production and teenager in Music Industry. He has been in the entertainment involve back he was three years antiquated and won the Young Artists Award for Best Performance in a TV Series in 2002 for his role upon NYPD Blue. He was furthermore nominated for the related invincible compliment in 2003 and 2004 for his roles upon the distress signal. He is survived by his mom, stepfather, and sister Kali Majors-Raglin. He was born in California upon 23rd November 1995 and was an American citizen. He was an grasping sportsman and had a high regard for flora and fauna. He enjoyed making films and traveling.


The eldest child of his parents, Austin Majors was always loved and cared for. His associates was altogether in agreement of his acting career and encouraged him to pursue it. The aspiring actor worked hard to achieve his goals and made a reveal for himself in the industry. He had a unconditionally certain attitude towards simulation and made resolved everyone nearly him got a grin upon their point of view. He enjoyed the simplest pleasures in moving picture later playing games gone connections and watching Anime. He as well as liked camping and fishing when his relatives and was a utterly swift follower of the Boy Scouts. He was a intensely generous person and would put taking place to occurring anyone who needed it.

The death of the juvenile actor was a astonishment to his familial and links. He was unaccompanied 27 years old gone he passed away. His cause of death was a suspected fentanyl overdose. TMZ reported that the former child star had been staying in a homeless housing realization at the time of his death. He started his acting career as a teenager child and became a star behind the TV series NYPD Blue. He along with acted in several count shows including ER, Hercules, and Treasure Planet. In toting occurring, he had a recurring role in the popular American Dad! He plus voiced Young Jim in the vibrant film, The Six Million Dollar Man.

Besides acting, Majors was furthermore effective in directing and producing. He had a little role in the feature film, Owen Marshall. He moreover worked as a voice on pinnacle of performer in numerous television shows. He is survived by his wife, Kali Majors, and their daughter, Mackinze Majors. His mother and father were both actors, as taking into account ease. He was a natural go-getter and a scholar, graduating second in his class. He attended the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, where he earned his bachelors degree in film and television production. He well along worked upon a few projects, such as The Six Million Dollar Man, and made an melody in the TV movie, An Accidental Christmas. He moreover had roles upon ER, Hercules, Threshold, and Desperate Housewives.


Austin Majors passed away upon 11 February 2023 at the age of 27. He was best known for his role upon the TV series NYPD Blue. He played Theo Sipowicz, the son of Detective Andy Sipowicz, for 48 episodes upon the perform. He along with had guest roles upon supplementary shows, including ER and Desperate Housewives. Majors was an greedy animal aficionado and had a immense heart. He helped many charities, and he was an alert devotee of the community. The actor was born in California and grew happening in Ridgecrest, California. He attended a local high literary and was an swift addict of the Boy Scouts. He furthermore studied at the University of Southern California. He earned a bachelors degree in film and television production. He remote worked as an editor and cinematographer upon films. He furthermore created music sedated the moniker Pope.

Majors mother is Karrie Raglin, who is a model and actress. He had a younger sister, Kali, who is with an actress. She has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including Small Town Saturday Night, Golden Christmas, and Working Miracles. She has moreover been upon the set of NCIS behind her brother. Although his career in acting lasted on your own seven years, Majors left an appearance upon the industry and was loved by many fans. He was plus a nimble voice actor. He lent his voice to the movie Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut and subsidiary films, including Treasure Planet. He also starred in a few sudden films, such as Dead Silence and The Ant Bully.


Despite his popularity upon NYPD Blue, Majors did not reward for the series revival. The reboot starred Fabien Frankel as the toting occurring Theo Sipowicz. Majors had a number of guest appearances upon new TV shows, including ER and American Dad. The death of the child star is a shocking and unhappy business for the entire entertainment industry. He will be missed by many fans approximately the world. He leaves in the company of a legacy that will be remembered for decades to arrive. The star was adeptly-known for his society produce a upshot and dedication to the industry.

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